Leave Me Be, I Will Be Me

Leave Me Be, I Will Be Me

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This Community is about simple hotness that is by people under 18.....I created it because I was tired of being harassed by people who had a problem with my provocative photos that were still legal.. This includes lips, licking lips, cleavage, booty that is fairly covered,etc....this also includes guys...although I seriously doubt we hear many complaints about underage guys.

This community may also have entries with erotic poetry,stories, etc....because those are legal, period...no matter how old you are.

the owner of the community is sinisterpaloma.

If you don't follow the rules, your ass is grass.


1. No harassment of other members or me.
2. You must have your birthdate in your userinfo.
3. I will not tolerate trolls or spam. No communities will be advertised unless they are permitted by ME.
4. This place is for photos, but I will not permit more than 2 photos out of a cut.
5. Long non-photo entries will have to be cut.

Introduction is required!

Owner Email - truedove@hotmail.com
Owner SN - sinisterpaloma
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