Celes Chere (celes420) wrote in legalhotness,
Celes Chere


Alright, so this is my first posting on here. I really don't know how to introduce myself first of all. I'm just not good at that. Shy moments.

Um, I'm 16. October 21st, 1987. I take pictures of myself a lot. I'm not good at getting them to show up on entries or anything. Are we aloud to have pictures of people kissing on here too? Like, me and a friend or something?

I don't have a clue if the pictures will work.

title or description

title or description
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Fuck fuck fuck! Why doesn't this stupid thing work!! *kicks*
im new at this also , so what are you trying to make work ? the pics? or something else anyways ttyl
im trying to make the pictures work..this sucks lol